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Boomerang Centre

Today Ellie and I went to the Boomerang centre in Bury, Greater Manchester, after I saw someone on a local Facebook page had recommended it, and I have to say I would now definitely recommend it myself too!

IMG_6544[1]    IMG_6488[1]

Boomerang is a multi sensory play centre with three custom designed rooms for children of all abilities; they have an interactive room, a sensory room and a soft play room.  Ellie explored each room and thoroughly enjoyed them all!


The staff were very helpful and even showed us around; explaining the purpose of the different rooms and what facilities they had to offer.  I initially contacted their Facebook page yesterday evening and they replied almost instantly, which was brilliant as they explained which areas were open to the general public for the next day.  This was especially useful as it meant I knew what time we should visit to get the full experience of the centre, so thank you for that!

We are always looking for new places to visit and explore so I would love to hear about your favourite attractions!


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