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Bank Holiday Monday

This morning Ellie and I started the morning perfectly, we had a lie in then breakfast in bed!  The weather was quite nice so decided to get ourselves up (after a few episodes of Peppa Pig!) and ready to go to our local park.

We are so lucky to have an amazing park on our doorstep; Worden has open meadows, mature woodlands, historical natural landscapes, a fantastic play park and much more (visit their website Here to see what else they have to offer).  I made a little picnic for the two of us and we set off.

When we got there Ellie wanted to ride on the train first.  They have miniature railways running most weekends and bank holidays, weather permitting.  She loved it and squealed most of the way round pointing out the wild rabbits that were sat watching us!

One of the miniature railways

Then we decided to have our picnic, although Ellie was eager to carry on in search of muddy puddles to jump in!

We chose to walk down by the stream today rather than go to the park as Ellie had her wellies on and wanted to use them!  I love just wandering with Ellie, she is really starting to communicate well and is so funny, she always makes me laugh.  It was only this morning that she told me I couldn’t play with her as her toys are only for children!  She talked about how squashy the mud was, that she couldn’t splash in the waterfall because it was too steep and chattered about all the things she could see and hear, it was lovely.  I find such simple activities bring out so much from her, and it helps that being outdoors is one of her favourite things to do!

“Look Mummy I’m balancing”

When we got to the shallow part of the stream Ellie was straight in! Unfortunately though, she didn’t judge how far in she could go (and how big she could splash) and within 5 minutes the water was above her wellies!

On our way back to the car we met a pack of ducks. Ellie gave them the last of our bread and when it was all gone she apologised to them saying “Aww sorry Mr duck we no more bread.” She can be so sweet when she wants!


After we had cleaned up and got dry clothes on we went to Ellie’s Granny’s house.  Ellie loves her Granny and Papa and they have a fantastic relationship which is so lovely, we are very lucky!  Granny got some flour and salt out for Ellie and aunty Kali to make some salt dough models.  The girls measured out their ingredients, mixed them together and got started on their models.  (If you want to make your own salt dough click Here to follow the recipe we used today)


We finished our lovely bank holiday Monday off with a big bubble bath and managed to grab a cuddle off Daddy as he finished work just before story time.

I love days like this with Ellie; simple, chilled and carefree.

My favourite salt dough model

I’d love to know how you have spent your bank holiday?


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