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Hello September

I cant believe August is over already! This year is going so fast, and the summer holidays have just flown by, although with the weather we’ve had you might not be convinced they were summer holidays at all.  Despite the weather, I have loved every second of my time off with Ellie and tried to make the most of my six weeks at home.

What does September mean for me?

September is quite an exciting time for many; children are ready to go back to school, have new classes / teachers, look smart in their fresh uniform and are excited to be back with their friends.  I work in a primary school and feel so lucky to be a part of it all!

Going back to work next week will mark a year since I went back to work full time after having Ellie.  This was a very bitter sweet experience; I was really excited to go back to work and be doing what I love, but once I was there I found it really difficult to leave Ellie in nursery.  It was hard to reason with myself that I was asking other people to look after her whilst I looked after other people’s children, it just didn’t seem to make sense.

Fast forward a year, we are in a much better place and have a fantastic routine with a lovely balance of work and family time.  It is still hard to think about someone else spending the majority of the week with my precious girl but I know she loves being with her friends and has a beautiful relationship with the staff at the nursery.

I do have to admit I enjoy a good routine and to feel organised, and September seems to bring the best out in me with regards to this; I have already started my lists, colour co-coordinating and getting bags ready!

The biggest change this September (and possibly the hardest to come to terms with) is that my little sister wont be in school with me any-more!  I have had the pleasure and privilege of working alongside her and her year group since they started in primary school, so July was very emotional watching them sing our leavers song!  Watching them grow into the young people they are now has been amazing and I wish them all the best of luck as they start their adventures in high school.

As if I don’t already feel old enough with my youngest sister starting secondary school, I also need to congratulate my brother Joseph on his fantastic GCSE results! He will be starting college this September and again, I know he will do brilliant and wish him luck.  I am especially proud of Joe at the minute as he has just returned from the most amazing Scout trip to Cambodia.  The work he has done out there, living and working with an orphanage is inspirational, I will post some photos and more details of this at a later date.

So that’s what this September means for me! Mainly a huge mixture of feeling and emotions, but also a new start to look forward to.


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