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Ellie’s nursery bag

Getting out the house on time during the week means we have to be organised the night before, this doesn’t always happen but tonight I’m ready to go so I thought I’d share what goes into Ellie’s nursery bag!


Ellie is out of nappies now during the day, so her main bag mainly contains spare clothes.  I always send in a few pairs of leggings, underwear and socks in case of accidents, and also a pair of spare shoes.  She’s pretty good now but can get busy and leave it until the last minute, especially at nursery when there’s so much going on!  I packed a spare outfit whilst she was in nappies too as she is very hands on and likes to get stuck into anything messy, wet or sandy, so if she got too mucky there was always a clean outfit to change into.

I put a packet of wipes into Ellie’s bag which are flushable, these are fab now she is using the toilet and especially come in handy if we are out and about or if she has a little accident.  I also pack a few of our reusable wipes, I used cloth nappies and wipes with Ellie and still come in handy for runny noses or dirty faces!

Ellie was given an inhaler at the beginning of this year, we are lucky that she doesn’t have to use it all the time but I always keep it at the very top of her bag just in case.  Her asthma mostly affects her when she is unwell or if the pollen count is high but it’s important it is always readily accessible so I make sure there is always one at nursery in her bag.  Ellie chose a little Minnie Mouse bag to keep it in so she knows where it is too.

Ellie’s nursery brought out nursery hoodies last year and we just had to get one! They are really cute and warm for winter months when they are playing outside, but I pack it most days anyway as you never know with our climate!

And last but not least, sunglasses and stickers. Ellie loves stickers and we use them to reward her when she goes to the toilet, does her teeth nicely and anything else she feels she might need one for!  I think the sunglasses pretty much speak for themselves, however I have realised I haven’t put the hat which goes with the sunglasses in her bag for tomorrow so I will add that in the morning!


I also pack a weekly bag that stays in nursery unless I need to wash or dry the items inside, then I take it home and bring it back the next day.  I love how much time Ellie spends outside in nursery, whatever the weather they play outside so boots and waterproofs are a must.  These Gelert waterproof suits are brilliant for nursery (and scout camp, puddle jumping at home and playing in the rain at home for that matter), we bought Ellie age 3-4 years last week as her current one was getting tight with her jumper on underneath from Sports Direct.

I also keep a few nappies in this bag.  Ellie has a nap at nursery and although she insists on no nappies at bed time at home, she will wear them at nursery, and as she isn’t always dry when she wakes up I’m happy for her to wear them until she decides she doesn’t want to any more.


Finally, this is what we take daily to nursery.  Ellie likes to take Bunny and “Mic mic” (blanket) for nap time, she is really settled at nursery and loves it when she is there but likes her home comforts to go with her.

This coat was a bargain from Aldi!  Her last coat was getting small and was more padded so when we saw this whilst shopping we had to get it as it was perfect for over summer.  It’s really light weight and shower proof which is great for taking out and about but will need to get something warmer again in the coming weeks.

This all seems a lot written down but it’s what we find necessary with all the activities Ellie gets up to at nursery!

Is there anything I’ve missed? (Apart from the kitchen sink of course)

I’d love to know what your nursery necessities are!


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