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Bed time with Ellie

One of my favourite times of day with Ellie is bedtime.  It’s such a calm and quiet time of day where we get to cuddle, talk about our day and read stories to each other.  I find a good bedtime routine makes going to bed much less stressful and it means Ellie knows exactly what’s coming next, which in turn makes her more likely to co-operate!

A lavender candle lit half an hour before we start bedtime gives the room a sleepy fragrance

Firstly we change into pyjama’s.  Ellie is very independent and likes to do this herself now, she also puts her clothes from that day into the wash herself which is a bonus.  I love how she likes to do these things herself but it can be painful to watch and I do wish she would let me help her sometimes, especially when it comes to socks!

Next we choose some books, Ellie loves listening to stories and I love being cuddled up close reading them to her.  She likes to talk about familiar stories and will read them back to me which is so lovely to hear.  Our favourites at the minute are by Julia Donaldson and the Usbourne ‘That’s not my…’ books.

IMG_1769   IMG_1743


(I’ve recently made an order with The Book People and got some fantastic deals on books for Ellie for Christmas, which I will do a separate post on as I have gone slightly overboard with buying books already!)

Ellie absolutely loves to sing, she will hear a song on the radio and soon pick it up so its nice to sing some nursery rhymes before bed.  Again, she likes to be independent and choose them herself so I printed some well known rhymes out and put them in a little bag.  It’s the little things that count when you’re two!



This little routine is special to me and I like to put Ellie to bed most nights although Daddy does just as good a job.  Days go by so quickly and we always seem to be busy so it’s nice to spend this one to one time together.  I love the quote ‘Always kiss me goodnight…’ and I will treasure these little moments with my girl.

IMG_1770 IMG_1771 IMG_1773

And finally, what’s a bedtime without a little mucking about?!

Good night from Ellie x

What’s you’re favourite time of day with your little one?  I love reading about the little routines and ways people do things so leave your blog name below and I will pop over and have a read.


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