Toddler Christmas Gift Guide

I’ve put together a few of the items Ellie will be receiving for Christmas, from Josh and I or from family and thought I’d share in case you’re stuck for ideas.

Ellies Christmas list


The first thing I bought this year for Ellie was the Playmobil Unicorn Fairyland Christmas Advent Calendar from Amazon.  I love the idea of her opening a different door each day and putting the set together.  It comes with twenty four pieces including the fairy queen, woodland animals, a mystical unicorn and three Playmobil fairies.  I have also bought two other Playmobil sets which I will tell you more about on a separate post.

Happy Land

We were recently, very kindly, given two boxes of Happy Land characters and buildings.  Ellie plays with them most days and the toys themselves are fantastic so would love to add to her collection with this train track.  I can see these being played with for a long time and are well worth buying the extra sets.

Doll pram

Last year I bought Ellie a buggy for her dolls and was perfect at the time.  Now she is more able, and has played with her friends ‘big pram’, she has asked for a new pram for her dolls.  I haven’t actually bought one yet but I love the look of this Silver Cross Roamer which is actually on sale in Argos at the moment.  I can just see Ellie putting her books in the basket at the bottom to take to the library and putting her dolls accessories in the bag!


Ellie has started taking a real interest in all things horses and ponies so thought these would be perfect!  They are from Asda and are in the 2 for £14 at the moment which is great value.

Cinderella items

I love going to the pound shops!  I went a few weeks ago and they had loads of Cinderella items, I couldn’t help myself but buy the plate, tub, socks, hair accessories, drinks bottle and a few other items which I will show you in another post.

Hobby horse

I actually picked up a hobby horse from one of our local charity shops (and the reindeer next to it as it looked lonely on it’s own without the horse!), but I love the look of this one from Asda.  I think they are such simple toys but bring about a whole range of imaginative play opportunities, and with Ellie’s new found love of horses I couldn’t resist buying her one (or two!).


This is another item Ellie took a liking to whilst playing at a friends house and is being bought by a family member.  I love this Minnie Mouse one from Argos as it has three wheels to keep it stable, and the design is really cute.  I may regret asking for this gift as everyone I know whose young children have a scooter take forever to get to where they are going, but its the adventure and new skill that counts isn’t it!


Books are always the perfect gift to give or receive to children of all ages.  I have bought Ellie a range of books for Christmas this year which I have written a post on previously (read more here) but one of my favourite so far is this Usbourne one, That’s Not My Penguin.

Fairy door

The last gift on this guide is one I’m hoping to give to a family member who is slightly older than Ellie and will appreciate it that bit more.  I think they are beautiful and love the magical stories they present to young children.  A friend recommended I look on Fairytale Toys website and they have the perfect range of doors to choose from.  I’d love to get Ellie one when she is a bit older and have been looking on Pinterest and like the idea of making it into a feature wall, take a look at some ideas here.

I hope you like some my ideas and find this guide useful, if you have any guides of your own leave me a comment and I will take a look!

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7 thoughts on “Toddler Christmas Gift Guide

  1. Aw, what a lovely list. I love the little ponies. I was a big fan of those when I was a small kid. This would be definitely something I would purchase for my little lady once she is at the age.


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