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Happy days #2

It feels good to be sitting down and writing this post after having such a rubbish week, weather wise.  Although we love the rain because it means we get to put our boots on and go puddle jumping, the dark nights, freezing wind and hail have put a dampener on any puddle hunts this week.  The cold has also got to Ellie this week, and she has started with a nasty cold, so the first things I am thankful for this week are Calpol and Olbus oil!  Just on this note, our digital thermometer has stopped working so any recommendations for a good digital thermometer would make me happy too!

This has been part of our nightly routine this week

It’s not often I manage to get together with friends from work, even though we work in the same building everyday it’s not the same, so catching up with them on Friday night was a treat.  Good friends are hard to come by, so having our nights in together is important to me and always puts me in a good mood.  Especially when the hostess for the night puts on a fab buffet (thanks Gina)!

Two other friends have put a smile on mine and Ellie’s face this week when they turned up with bags of clothes, coats, shoes and toys for Ellie! Their girls have grown out of them and very kindly offered them to us, so I’m looking forward to filling up Ellie’s wardrobe with their lovely gifts.

Finally, I am extremely thankful to Amazon and their wish lists!  I find men so difficult to buy for and would be stuck if Josh didn’t have an Amazon wish list.  So after telling him to update it I’ve made a start on Christmas shopping for him.  If anyone has created a gift guide for men please post a link in the comments, I will be very grateful (most likely Josh too, as I really am that bad at thinking of what to buy him)!  You can find out more about Amazon and their Wish List here.

I have attached some of my favourite photos from this week below, looking at all these photos put a smile on my face.  I take far too many photos but I can’t help it, they tell our story and I look forward to showing Ellie when she is older.

Going to Granny’s and finding freshly baked brownies

Ellie and Granny

Having breakfast as a family all week
Ellie cooking tea

Although it’s not been nice having a poorly Ellie, it’s been lovely for her to stay at home with Daddy while he’s off work
Someone felt better just in time for Children In Need day at nursery
This was taken just before I started this post and I just love it


Hope you have all had a lovely week and have had plenty of happy days!

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One thought on “Happy days #2

  1. Ooh freshly baked brownies sound good! I am no good at making them- Id love if mine looked like that! Thanks for sharing in #HappyDaysLinky x


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