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Ellie’s Christmas eve box

When I was younger we were always allowed to open one present on Christmas eve and I always remember being so excited, so when Ellie was born I decided this tradition would continue for her.  Recently, more and more people have been creating Christmas eve hampers and I have to admit I couldn’t wait until she was old enough to appreciate this!  Last year I made one and she wasn’t too sure what was going on, but loved it anyway.  This year I’m sure she will really appreciate the Christmas eve box and I’ve already put most of it together.

I’m using the same box as last year, as it’s just so cute and the perfect size.  It has Fr Christmas on it and actually has quotes from The Night Before Christmas story so it was made for the job!


The first item I knew I wanted in the box was a pair of new pyjamas.  I like the idea of having new p’j’s in there, as I know it will be harder to get her into bed on Christmas eve as the years go on so a little incentive might help.  I bought these unicorn pyjamas today from T K Maxx and I had to buy them!  They are so soft and have a lovely design on them, Ellie will love them.  They are by a company called LuvGear which I hadn’t heard of before, I Googled them and they have some amazing technology built into their clothing!  They advertise their clothing has various alerts which include temperature, cold, sun and hot.  They have a variety of products and explain their alerts on their website, take a look here.  I will definitely be looking out for their clothing in the summer for when we are out and about more.

These slipper socks were from the £1 shop and will keep Ellie’s feet lovely and warm when she is sprinkling her reindeer dust outside.


On Christmas eve we spend a few hours with Josh’s family; we all meet up and exchange gifts, have something to eat and generally catch up so when we get home it’s not long before it’s time to start getting ready for bed and settling down.  In saying this, you can’t have a Christmas eve box without a little treat so I bought this Fr Christmas chocolate lolly and put a candy cane in too.



I’ve already posted how much Ellie will love the Usbourne book, That’s not my snowman, in my post Books, books and more books!  It’s a lovely little book and we will be reading this and T’was the Night Before Christmas, which I need to find from our pile of Christmas books, when we put Ellie to bed.

The gorgeous penguin is from JellyCat, it is one of their smaller items but Ellie has so many giant soft toys and it fits perfectly in the box.  Ellie was bought a few JellyCat soft toys when she was born and they really are beautiful, you can view more of their items here.

The last three items were bought last year but I like the idea of them being in Ellie’s Christmas eve box each year.  The first is a door hanger, it says ‘Dear Santa, please stop here, Ellie has been good!’  I bought this from our one of our local gift shops but I have seen similar items in card shops.  The little Hessian bag was a gift from Ellie’s Nanny last year, it contained the golden bell which is to be placed on the Christmas tree on Christmas eve before you go to bed.  The last item I have is a little jar which we put our reindeer dust in ready to sprinkle outside.  We will be making reindeer dust as one of our activities in December and I will share the magic recipe then!

We always watch The Snowman on Christmas eve too, so we will be putting our new pyjamas on, cuddling up with our treats and watching the film.






9 thoughts on “Ellie’s Christmas eve box

  1. oh god that is the cutest idea ever! I still get pj’s on christmas eve but I’d love to do this for my nephew, such a lovely post 🙂 xx


  2. Aww! It’s not even December yet and this post has made me pick up my laptop and start my Christmas shopping. Lovely read and I love the way you layout the items for pictures here – I’m getting some blog inspiration. Thank you x


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