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Christmas Yule Log

I recently received a Christmas Yule Log from Certainly Wood.  They are a family run business and claim all their firewood is from sustainable British woodland, which is locally sourced from within a 100 mile radius.

‘Certainly Wood is very much about a British, family business, built on the values of trust, heritage and premium quality.’

One of my favourite things about my house is that we have real open fires.  There’s something about a real fire that makes a room extra cosy and I just love cuddling up with the fire burning on an evening, so when I was offered the chance to try a Christmas Yule Log I couldn’t resist!

When the package arrived I had no idea what it was.  I had completely forgotten, and when I opened it I was so excited!  This is my first item for review and it was all wrapped up in festive ribbons so cheered me up instantly.


The scroll explains the ancient myths and legends behind the Yule Log.  Before I had read this properly, my first thought was the contents of the package was far too decorative to burn and would look much better sitting next to my fire place than in it!  However, the tradition states:

‘On Christmas eve, the fire would be set, with the Yule Log taking pride of place.  Wine and salt would be sprinkled over it to make it ‘feel welcome’ and a blessing would be said.  People would also make a wish for the coming year and ask for good fortune to find its way into their home, often tossing a holly leaf into the roaring fire as they made their wish.’

Burning the Yule Log is believed to cleanse away the previous year’s events, making way for the next twelve months.  I love how symbolic the Yule Log is and I’m a soft touch when it comes to sentiments like this, so I can definitely see myself adding this to my list of traditions during Christmas time.


I think the item itself is a lovely early Christmas present; I know my mum would appreciate a gift like this as she also has real open fires and likes a decorative centre piece for the fire place.

I would like to thank Certainly Wood for the opportunity to review the Christmas Yule Log.

Take a look at this item, and everything else they have to offer on their website here.

CW Certainly Wood logo only Colour.JPG


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