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What a week!

This week has been quite a long one, I was definitely ready for Friday afternoon.  So much so, we decided to pick Ellie up from nursery and treat ourselves to a meal out at one of our local restaurants!

Compulsory selfie, taken whilst at the restaurant waiting for food!

Although it’s been quite a hard week, I’ve had some lovely days / evenings so I thought I’d share them here…

I’ve not been going to the gym recently as I thought my membership had run out, so when I found out my membership was still valid and I had in fact another two months until it runs out I went straight upstairs to pack my bag!  I have always loved going to the gym, swimming and generally keeping active.  I also think it’s a really good form of stress relief, especially as our gym has an amazing outdoor jacuzzi and three different steam rooms.  Another perk of the gym I go to is their children’s membership, Ellie is obviously far too young for the actual gym, but it costs me £9.99 a month for her to have unlimited swims.  I’ve always thought learning to swim is one of the most important things to teach children, and Ellie loves it so we are always in the pool!

The pool is all the same depth, so this swimming jacket is absolutely perfect
A hooded towel is another essential we couldn’t do without
And of course you have to have a picnic tea in Mummy’s bed when you get home!

On Wednesday I spent the evening with the Cub Scouts walking around a local nature reserve.  It was pitch black!  We were orienteering and hanging bird feeders they had made the week before (I loved how simple the feeders were so will be making some with Ellie and writing a short post for you to make one too) and they had a fantastic time.  We even had a ‘camp fire’ and sang songs whilst our chippy tea arrived!  Evenings like this are priceless and so enjoyable.


Today Ellie and I had a really lovely day.  We baked biscuits, made a gooey chocolate crunch and had a wander around our local Christmas market event.  I’ve had such a chilled but busy day today, it always makes me so grateful I have a job which means I can spend every weekend with my girl and have days like today.


Here are some of my favourite photo’s from this week:


Ellie and I tried baby ballet, safe to say I don’t have a ballerina in the making!
This little princess demands breakfast in bed with her hot water bottle refilled with hot water each morning
Putting Daddy’s lippy on!
Mummy and Ellie puckering up


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