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Hello December!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

I absolutely love Christmas and everything December brings; pretty decorations, buying and giving presents, all the arts and crafts and  especially the food.  I’ve already got so much planned to do with Ellie and visit all the garden centres to see the displays, I don’t know who’s more excited!  It’s lovely this year, Ellie is so much more aware of what’s going on she’s told me what to buy for people!

On Monday after nursery we got home and our fairy had brought our Advent calendar and boxes of chocolate to fill it with.  We had so much fun filling the jars with chocolates, and of course we taste tested a few to make sure they were right for the job.


Our calendar is made up of 24 spice jars with chocolates put into them. I went all out for Ellie’s first Christmas and because I was still at home most of the day with her, I decided to make the most of our time and make our own Advent calendar.  We bought the jars from Ikea and each jar has a number written on with glitter glue type pens which have lasted really well.



We don’t use this fire so they are safe and wont melt!

Our fairy made her second appearance the day after, on the 1st December and brought our Christmas tree and some decorations with her.  We put the tree up together and Ellie helped put the baubles on.  we only have a few decorations on the tree this year, firstly because the tree is quite small, and secondly because they are all personal ones.  It was lovely looking at them and talking to Ellie about them, where they came from and whose they were.


Christmas is all about family for me, growing up in a big family has always made it so special and I couldn’t be happier watching my own baby girl sat in front of the tree putting her decorations up now (even if she does have a dirty chocolate face).

Here are a few more just because!



Run Jump Scrap!


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