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Tall Tape Review

I have recently been sent an item called Tall Tape to try from a website called Memories of Growing up.  Before I received it I thought it would be mainly for a baby and Ellie would be too big now to try it, so imagined I would give it to a friend who has a new baby.  When it came through the post and we opened it, it was massive!

Ellie was straight in asking to try and wanted to know how big she was!IMG_9762[1]

Tall Tape measures two meters in length

The packaging is small and compact, with the tape inside a small tube wrapped around a Sharpie pen.  I didn’t expect it to have anything else other than the tape, so the Sharpie was a nice added extra.


There are eight different designs to choose from, this particular one is Tall Tape Tree.  It’s a really cute design and perfect for hanging in your child’s bedroom or keeping safe in a memory box.  IMG_9775[1]IMG_9779[1]

I love gifts like these for a new born baby, baby shower or Christening as even now I go through the items we got for Ellie when she was first born.

I think Tall Tape would be a lovely gift for a new baby or mum to be, you can even order a gift bag from Memories of growing up when you purchase your items.  There are some beautiful gifts on their website, and I can definitely see myself ordering from them in the near future for family and friends who are expecting.  I think my favourite part about the website is the blog post which gives hints and tips on preserving memories of your children, there are some really lovely ideas and of course they have the products to allow you to carry them out.


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