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It’s the end of term and we have finished for Christmas!  I love my job and I’m so lucky to be where I want to be but I love my holidays even more.  On Friday we finished at 2pm ready for the Christmas holidays to begin.

I started the holiday with a sneaky trip to the gym before I picked Ellie up from nursery, we have such a busy couple of weeks ahead I’m not sure when I will get chance to go again so took my opportunity.  I did pick Ellie up after and took her swimming so we both got to enjoy it!

We spent the weekend at the Sea Life Centre which you can read more about later in my next blog post.  We had a lovely day, there’s something really relaxing and calming about wandering around just watching the fish, until you get to the crab part of the aquarium anyway!

I’m looking forward to all the activities we have planned over the next few weeks, catching up with family, meeting up with friends and spending quality time with each other.

It’d Christmaaaaasssss!

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