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Hari Ghotra Review

I have just finished up in the kitchen making the most delicious smelling chicken Biryani with a Hari Ghotra curry kit.  I’m no master chef and when I looked at the bags of spices I was a bit daunted but excited to make my first curry from scratch!  I specifically like this kit as it is gluten free, I wanted to make a little something my mum could enjoy (fingers crossed!).

I loved the little personalised note that came with the kit, it’s the little touches that make me smile!

On the reverse of the kit is a helpful shopping list, you can choose the main ingredient of the curry and once cooked it will serve up to six people.



Of course little Miss Ellie had to join in and help Mummy cook!  On the kit there is a QR code which you can scan with your mobile phone, this will take you straight to a step by step video made by Hari.  We had a look but we needed the recipe as we are complete novices!  The recipe is on the inside of the kit and took us through each process of preparing the meal.  I really like that there is a video tutorial and thought this is another added extra that will make Hari my preferred product choice in the future.



Ellie loved adding the different ingredients and watching the consistency change, the colour turn and the aroma of the mixture.  I’m not usually the most confident cook when it comes to making a meal from raw ingredients, but having the spices in separate little bags and being talked through the recipe step by step really helped.

I think it’s important to get children in the kitchen and helping to cook / bake, Ellie always wants to get stuck in and it’s lovely for her to be able to experience cooking with such fresh ingredients and see what they turn into.  Getting her to help opens her mind to new foods, because she has been involved in the cooking process she is proud of the finished product and is excited to try it and share with Daddy.





We are very impressed with what we cooked tonight and can’t wait to take Granny’s portion to her!  I would definitely buy a Hari Ghotra curry kit again and have family round for tea.  The spices looked and smelt amazing, most importantly it tasted delicious too so thank you Hari for asking us to try your Biryani curry kit.

There are a range of products to choose from, take a look at the website or on Facebook for more information.


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