Christmas eve!

Eeeek it’s Christmas eve!

I love Christmas eve; visiting the last few friends to exchange cards, tracking Fr Christmas on Norad, going to Josh’s family Christmas eve party and coming home to find the elves have left a Christmas eve box for Ellie.  It’s always a busy day but lovely to see everyone and spend a bit of quality time with everyone together in one place.

Ellie’s Christmas eve box went down a treat, she loved it!






You can see exactly what was inside Ellie’s Christmas eve box here.

Once we had sprinkled our reindeer food, we settled down to burn our Yule log from the lovely Certainly Wood.  When I received the Yule log I thought it would be a lovely tradition to start, and this year especially , I was ready to cleanse away the negativity that we had experienced a few months ago.  Josh set the fire up whilst Ellie and I got the treats ready for Fr Christmas, and look what was waiting for me when I returned!




My beautiful engagement ring!  I had stopped wearing it whilst we were apart and Josh had found the perfect way to ask me to start wearing it again.  I put my ring back on and we sat back to watch the Yule log burn, together as a family ready to move on and start a happy new year.

To read more about the Yule log and tradition behind it, take a look at my previous blog post here.


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