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Not a great start to Christmas…

Unfortunately our Christmas week didn’t start too well, as we had our annual trip to the emergency department at Chorley hospital with Ellie.  Since she was born we have ended up staying in hospital at least for one night every December, and this year was no different.  This year’s accident started in Yorkshire on a visit to Great Grandad, I still have no idea how it happened but we ended up in Chorley emergency department a few hours later with two suspected fractures in her arm.  My mum (granny) works there and the staff as a whole were amazing with Ellie, I can’t thank them enough.  They were amazed at how well she coped given the amount of pain she was in even through the massive amount of pain relief they had given her.  Unfortunately we ended up having to be transferred to another hospital who wern’t so great with her, although they are supposedly a children’s ward!

Luckily during the night things started looking up and Ellie regained movement of her arm and we were able to go home in the early hours of the next morning.  This meant we could still go and visit Fr Christmas!




Christmas was looking up again, Ellie was groggy but much better.  We went to visit Fr Christmas at Dobbies Garden Centre and it was magical!  Dobbies is a special place to me as it was my Grandma’s favourite place to go for a wander and have a piece of cake in the cafe, so we like to take Ellie there at Christmas and it doesn’t let us down!




While we were out and about we decided to visit one of our other favourite garden centres in Preston, Barton Grange.

I love visiting the Christmas displays and Ellie is amazed by all the sparkle and twinkling lights.  Going around the garden centres at Christmas is one of our favourite things to do and they never disappoint.





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