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Happy New Year!

I say it every year, and I’ll say it again as it’s no different…but I can’t believe how quick this year has gone!  I think when you have children you want time to slow down a little, so you can enjoy them more and take time out to appreciate the little things but it seems to go even faster than before.  It only feels like two minutes ago I was getting excited about Christmas being over so I can start planning Ellie’s second birthday party.  This year I’m not as excited because she will be turning three, which means she starts my school’s pre school and I’m not sure I’m ready for that!  (To be fair I’m not sure they will be ready for it either!)

This year has been a whirl wind; I always thought the older they get the easier it will be….oh how wrong was I?!  I have to say, on the whole Ellie is well behaved, speaks beautifully and has an amazing understanding of what is expected of her.  She is very bright and with this can come frustration when she is told she can’t do something when she see’s older children doing something.  She spends a lot of time with her older aunties and uncles and the Scouts so does get to do a lot of things other two year olds wouldn’t necessarily be doing, but on the rare occasion she does get upset when she can’t.  I think the one thing that stands out at the moment is her grown up attitude which can come across as bossy!  She is very much the pampered princess of the family and has everyone running around after her so to be fair I’m not surprised.  I’ve loved watching Ellie grow into the beautiful, confident little girl she is and I very much look forward to what next year brings with her.

Josh and I have been on a roller-coaster ourselves, this year has been hard relationship wise, and I look forward to us moving on as a couple and learning from our mistakes.  I think the key to this, as obvious as it sounds, will just be to communicate more and spend quality time with each other.  Ellie became my whole world when she  was born, which of course is no bad thing at all, but I now realise our relationship needs time and effort too.  During our first year as a family we were finding out where our place was, learning how to look after a new born and how to get out of the house within the hour without taking the entire contents of it with us.  This past year has been a lot more settled but not always in a good way, we forgot to look after each other at times and spent a lot of time apart. We have already started to make little changes and things are looking good.

What I want to achieve in 2016

  • Next year I want to go on holiday, we are always out and about as a family going on day trips and camping with the Scouts, but I want a ‘proper’ holiday.  Ideally abroad but as long as long as we get away I’m not too fussy.
  • I want to wallpaper my room!  There is one wall in my room that needs wallpapering since I pulled the old paper off, the problem is it came off so easily it didn’t make much mess so it has just been put off.
  • 2016 will be the year I start to really save up and be a lot more organised with money.  We are generally very good with money and rarely leave ourselves short, but I would like to look into some good savings accounts and make sure money regularly goes into them rather than sitting in our current account.  We would love to buy our own house in the next few years so it’s a great excuse to motivate us.
  • Learn to say no!  I like to be a people pleaser and find it difficult to say when I don’t feel  comfortable with something.  I sometimes make an excuse but I’d like to be confident and say how I feel.  I tend to let things get on top of me, so by learning to say no and being more honest I think I can make a good start at a clearer and less stressful 2016.  (I think this is why I am enjoying blogging so much as I can be honest and open, writing things down always makes me feel so much better)

Generally I want to go into the new year looking forward to being a good, strong family unit.  I love my job and look forward to the challenges it presents me.  Josh is applying for uni so I hope he gets on the course he wants and enjoys the journey it will take him on.  And for Ellie, I want her to be happy.  When a child is happy they flourish and do well in all areas of their life.

Have a happy and safe new year!


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