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Ellie’s Bedroom Tour

Ellie’s bedroom is one of my favourite places in the house, it’s very girly and set up so she can access pretty much everything in there.  She is very independent so this is great when she wants to go in there to play, read her books or to get dressed.


This little corner is Ellie’s favourite place, she loves to sit in there playing with her teddies and dolls.  The little pink spotty bag has lots of laminated cards with pictures to show different nursery rhymes, so when she isn’t playing she is sat in there singing songs.  It’s so lovely and I actually think it’s important they have a cosy place to go to when they want a bit of time to their selves.

We don’t have any stair gates any more and Ellie can open all the doors now so she regularly takes herself off upstairs to her bedroom to have a bit of peace and quiet!


I love this little washing line, it has photos of different people in our family.  Ellie is always taking them off and taking them over to her cosy area to talk to, it’s so sweet!



Ellie has a full size single bed.  Ellie never climbed out of her cot, but she did start to wake more and more when she was about one and a half years old.  She was uncomfortable and, although she was still small, was generally outgrowing the cot so we didn’t see the point of taking the sides off and turning it into a cot bed.  From the first night in her ‘big bed’ she slept through and loved it.  Even now she doesn’t get out of bed during the night so we are quite confident we made the right choice for her in terms of sleeping arrangements.

Her bed has a couple of her favourite teddies and blankets on it, but as soon as my back is turned it’s full of a lot more dolls and bears! The patch work blanket at the end of her bed was made by myself for her first birthday.  It was my first ever sewing project and I’m so proud of it, it’s made from clothes that she wore in her first year and is backed with the first blanket Josh and I bought when we found out I was pregnant.



I couldn’t not show off this beautiful rocking horse.  This was bought for Ellie by a very good friend of ours for her Christening.  In the little pocket there is a smaller horse teddy.  This is used daily and is still in perfect condition, I can see this being part of our family for a very long time!


This bookshelf is the latest addition to Ellie’s room.  I think it goes perfectly with her room and it’s already a hit with Ellie!  She has sat in her little chair each night since we put it up with her supper and chooses her books to read.

Because we live in a rented house, we haven’t painted or wallpapered Ellie’s bedroom (although I’d love to!).  Instead we bought the butterfly stickers and stuck them around the bottom of her walls to add a bit of colour and decoration.  They were reasonably priced and when we need to take them off they will peel without leaving a mess which is great.  I do have ideas to decorate her room further for her birthday in March by either painting or buying a tree sticker for the wall in between her bed and wardrobe.  I want to make it a bit of a feature by adding a fairy door and other magical little pieces to make it extra special.  I have seen some amazing ideas and added them to my Pinterest page, so watch this space!


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