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Finding a family holiday

This morning has been spent in front of the laptop searching for a family friendly holiday for our February half term.  We knew we wanted to go to Scotland and hide away in a little cosy cottage somewhere, but where to start?  My geographical knowledge is poor at the best of times, so armed with Ellie as my advisor we entered the world of comparison websites for holiday cottages.

Do you know how many millions of holiday cottages / homes / apartments there are just for Scotland?!

We have been to Scotland quite a few times, but always as a big family group so I was told where we were going and I didn’t have to make any of the decisions.  I’m quite happy to do this every year but it seems I need to grow up at some point and trust we can do this on our own!  After a good hour or so I was flagging and beginning to think this was a job best left for Josh, that way he could pick one and book it.  I want somewhere that’s not a million miles away, has good reviews, plenty to keep Ellie entertained and has shops close enough to us.  Am I asking for too much?

It seems not!  With the help of a little Facebook “help me” status I am reminded that we have actually stayed in the perfect cottage before with family a year or so ago.  With fingers crossed I rang the number on their website and spoke to a lovely lady who remembers us and the cottage is available!  She actually has the one we stayed in and the one my mum stayed in for us to choose from.  I’m waiting on confirmation from the Mr before I  book but I’m so excited now and looking forward to some quality time alone with my little family.

I love being in the outdoors, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.  Going away, even for the day like we did last week to the Lake District, does so much for my well being.  It brings about a real calmness, appreciation for everything I have right now and the simpleness of the surroundings is so peaceful.  I am looking forward to booking our first holiday as a family abroad, but I look forward to holidays like this just as much.

 A snap shot of the website

What more could you ask for, it really is a beautiful place and I would highly recommend it to anyone whether you have children, dogs, a big family or an individual.  You can find more on their website here.

So for now I will leave you with a couple of photo’s from our last visit to the cottages…





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