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Valentines gift guide

As it’s very nearly February I thought I’d write a post on valentines day and what is on my list as possible gifts for Josh this year.  I have said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m useless at buying for Josh!  So much so, he will update his Amazon wishlist a month or so before his birthday, Christmas, our anniversary and valentines day each year.  I like to buy something for valentines day but I also like to keep it simple and we actually made each other gifts last year.

I love you because….

I was quite proud of my home made gift, I can’t remember what gave me the idea for it (probably Pinterest) but it was really simple, easy to make and effective.  The frame sits in our room and one of us regularly writes a little note on it, it’s a really sweet thing because it reminds us that the small things still count and it’s always a nice surprise to find something has been written on it.

I have to say Josh did something similar on our anniversary a month or so after, which would also be a lovely valentines idea.  He took me to the place where we met (on a Scout weekend, so was in the middle of a camping field) and gave me an engraved padlock.  We were by the tree we first camped next to and he said we were going to padlock it to one of the branches and bury the key.  It was so lovely and Ellie helped us to dig a little hole once we had found a new branch to padlock and then buried the key.

I do really like home made type gifts, and each year since I’ve known Josh I have written a sticky note a day from the 1st Feb to the 14th Feb with reasons why I love him.  This is very sickly I know, but it’s cute!  I have lots of things like this pinned to my Valentines day ideas board on Pinterest.  I will do this again this year, but I have also been doing my research and have come up with a few gift ideas too.


Personalised heart key chain

I like the idea of us both having half the heart on our keys and it comes with free engraving which makes it a lovely little personalised gift.  There were a few different variations on Amazon, but this is the one that caught my eye.

Valentines shape cutters

These cutters are from John Lewis and are perfect for Ellie to make some valentines day cookies for her Daddy.  She loves to bake and would be a cute gift for her make herself.

Definition of love

I love this personalised definition of love poster from and for a little extra you can have it framed too.  This would go perfectly in our house, we have a few frames with little sayings like this and I can’t get enough of them!

Story of us

This monochrome print is lovely and completely personalised to your own story as a couple.  I like that no one else will have the same print as everyone’s story is different.  There were similar prints to this on but I liked the monochrome style of this one.

Personalised cushion

I think this is my favourite from  It is so simple and would fit really well in any room in our house.  Little additions like this really pull a room together and the personalised touch is perfect.

Other gift ideas are chocolates, a voucher for a romantic meal for two, relaxing bath products or create your own valentines treat night with a new dvd, take away meal and some romantic candles.


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