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Play room inspiration

We have been thinking more and more about saving to buy our own house recently, as we currently rent there is a limited amount we can do both inside and outside of our house.  However, this doesn’t stop us from dreaming and planning what we would do!

We live in a three bedroom house which is perfect at the moment.  Ellie has her own room and she has also claimed the third small room as her ‘painting room’.  This room suits all of us as Ellie has her messy play things in there and we have a few storage boxes too, but if we were to extend our little family we would have to turn the room into a nursery / third bedroom.

The house is a decent size, with a living room and separate dining room so we aren’t short on space, but that doesn’t mean we have any space to spare!  If we owned this house I would think about converting the loft; I would love to transform it into another family living area with space for the children to play and even an office space where I could concentrate on blogging, knowing Ellie (and any future children) are safe and entertained.

I have been looking for some loft conversion inspiration and have found a few items I know I would definitely have to have up there!

Play Room Ideas.jpg

Shop my play room ideas 

Childrens book case – Ellie loves to read and has a big book case in her room.  It would be nice to have themed books in a play room which you match up with other activities, such as messy play and creative ideas.

Pillow bed – I have pinned a tutorial to make my own pillow bed on my Pinterest page, which I’d love to do.  These would go perfect next to the book shelf so Ellie could read in comfort.

Toy storage – Every play room needs good storage! I especially like this one as it’s easily accessible for children and they can put their larger toys on the top of the shelves.

Play mat – I love this children’s floor mat and it is a bit different with it being a farm scene, rather than the car mats you usually find.

Children’s kitchen – we are actually planning on getting this for Ellie’s third birthday.  She already has a small plastic kitchen and absolutely loves it so I think she is more than ready for a bigger and more sturdy kitchen to play in.

Tuff tray  – I love messy play!  And luckily so does Ellie, I would definitely have to have a tuff tray in my playroom as it keeps all the mess inside of it and allows children to experience as much of the activity as they want.

loft conversion


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