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Easter activities

I love this time of year; the days are getting longer, the evenings are lighter and the weather is drying out too.  It also means spring time is coming and lots of opportunities to do different arts and crafts.

The Range has so many fantastic bits and pieces for Easter, I had to stock up and share them with you!

I bought some stickers because you can’t go wrong with stickers when buying for a two year old!  The bunny ears were the next item I picked up, they were just too cute and something slightly different to the usual headbands, Ellie chose the pink pair.  I got the hollow plastic eggs to use for an Easter egg hunt with a bit of a twist; I think I will put some little chicks and other bits and pieces to decorate the bonnet that we bought too as a bit of fun.  I will do a chocolate egg hunt on Easter Sunday too so she doesn’t feel like she’s missed out on the real thing!  We decided we would try and make some of our own chocolate eggs so also bought a mould to do this, then finally we picked up the Happy Easter banner to hang in the hall way where we have Ellie’s drawings hung up.



Here is a list of some of our Easter activities we have planned already:

  • Decorate an Easter bonnet
  • Foot / handprint art
  • Have an Easter egg hunt
  • Visit a farm with new baby animals
  • Make Easter cards for friends and family

Check out my Easter Pinterest board for more of our ideas


Easter also gives me the perfect excuse to dress Ellie up and take the cutest photos!  Here are some of my favourite photo’s of Ellie a couple of years ago at Easter…








What do you have planned for Easter this year?

Kate x


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