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Hello March!

March is a busy month in our house, not to mention expensive!  Josh, Ellie and I all have our birthdays in March which is nice to celebrate as a family.  Mine comes first just after Mothers day, Josh has his later on in the month and then Ellie turns three two days later.

This month is also bringing about some big changes; not only is my girl turning three, she is leaving her nursery to start at the pre-school which is connected to the primary school I work in.  I am not at all ready for my baby to be starting school!  I can’t quite believe that I will be uniform shopping in the Easter holidays, it hit me when I started to fill in her school forms earlier this week and I had a little cry at how much she is growing up.  I know she will miss her nursery (as will I) but I also know she will love it at ‘Mummy’s big school’ as she calls it.

I am already loving the longer days, the lighter mornings and evenings.  I am looking forward to doing more after nursery and work as a family; going out on bike rides, visiting the park before we come home and playing in the garden, but still being able to make a fire after tea and snuggle up on the sofa.

What are you looking forward to in March?

Kate x


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