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Autumn nights

I have to admit I’m really missing the light nights and being able to spend time outside after work with Ellie, so tonight we wrapped up and made the most of the last hour before it went too dark and cold.

I find sometimes the most simple activities are the best, and tonight was definitely one of those times.  We took our ‘kites’ out with us and ran with the wind!  Ellie absolutely loved the ribbons blowing about, the smile on her face and little screams were priceless.  In fact so were the ribbons!  These are home made and so easy to make, I already had ribbon in our craft boxes and simply tied them around two bangles…et voila, home made kites perfect for a windy evening!

The look on her face just says it all!



While we were out we picked up some leaves to paint.  We are always looking for different ways to do things and to experiment with the environment around us, so we painted the leaves, used them as stampers, painted with them and then glued some to make an autumn scene.

Using sticks to ‘stamp’ the paint



Whilst I have the opportunity I couldn’t not share Ellie’s little desk.  This was actually her cot!  We took one side off and put the shelf on the middle height, it’s absolutely perfect for her.  It’s just the right height and she loves it, it has enough space for her to have plenty of cutting and sticking bits out and it’s still just about wide enough for me to put certain things at the back that I don’t want her to reach without being supervised!  We put some string up at the back and on the sides to peg her artwork up to dry.  This is one of her favourite places to be.


Activities like these are so simple but so effective and Ellie loves it.  I am always searching on Pinterest and have loads of ideas, so if you are stuck for ideas take a look at my Pinterest page here.

What have you been getting up to in the autumn weather?

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3 thoughts on “Autumn nights

  1. Love it. We also made a kite and have done lots of Autumn crafts. The ribbon kites would be a good idea for my youngest son who eats everything so we’ll definitely try that. The cot desk is just adorable! #whatevertheweather

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  2. Fantastic! I love the big smile on her face, she’s clearly having a whale of a time with the ribbons! It’s hard getting out when it’s dark so early now, but this is a lovely idea! We’ll definitely have to get our ribbons out and do this one day soon!
    Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x


  3. What a genius up-cycle idea with the cot! It looks like a great place to do some crafts. I adore your little idea with the ribbons. It’s so creative and looks like so much fun, even more fun to go out when it’s dark! Thank you so, so much for linking to #whatevertheweather xx


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