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Astley Illuminated

I’ve previously mentioned how lucky we are to have some amazing parks so close to us, and on Saturday evening we wrapped up extra warm to meet our Scouts at Astley Park.

Each year the park lights it’s stunning grade 1 listed historic house, which is set within the grounds of Astley park, for the public to photograph or simply admire the beautiful  building and grounds lit up in the dark.

We decided we would take the Scouts as they are currently working on different projects, and this would give them the opportunity to take some photos and work towards the badges they are wanting to earn.

It really was pitch black!

The house is open all year round for visitors to take a look around, we have been coming here since Ellie was little as there’s always something new that catches your eye and now Ellie is more interested in pointing things out and looking around.  If you would like to visit or know more about Astley park, take a look at Visit Lancashire’s webpage here.  This has information on the park and links to any events going on.  As usual Ellie loved being out with the Scouts and especially having a late night with them out in the dark!

Here are a few of the photo’s we took inside of the house:


And also some from outside:


We really did have a lovely night and was made even better with a cheeky play on the park in the pitch black!  I enjoy nights like this so much, it’s something different and getting out in the dark winter nights clears the cobwebs.

(But what’s a night out in the cold without stopping at Granny’s on the way home to try out her new popcorn and candy floss maker…oh and a hot chocolate of course!)




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7 thoughts on “Astley Illuminated

  1. Wow! The lights look amazing! I love night walks and even better when you get such amazing lights to look at too. The children must have loved it and playing in the park in the dark as well.
    Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x


  2. The lights on the outside are absolutely beautiful!!!! I love going out for night time walks although we’re yet to take Evie and can’t wait for all the Christmas lights to go up so that we can go for a little tour. All the activities look great too and it’s good that they keep the house open all year around. Too many of our attractions close off, which is such a shame because there is nowhere to go when Winter strikes! Thank you so, so much for linking up to #whatevertheweather xx


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